On 29th June 2017, SecureIT Consult were proud to sponsor the Timperley FC 25th Anniversary celebration.  As a sponsor, we wanted to begin our programme to raise awareness amongst parents of the cyber security threats to children.   Whilst the various under 16 teams play football most weekend and mid-weeks, internet dangers lurk amongst our household once the children are comfortable in the confines of their own homes.

Just about everyone is online these days, including the clear majority of toddlers, infants and teens with the numbers growing amongst our young children every day. Whether by surfing the Web, watching a video, texting, using a smartphone app or playing a game, chances are you’re “connected” whenever you’re using one of several digital devices.

We recognise that using the Internet is an important life skill, not just a hobby or entertainment. The Internet knows no boundaries, making it critical for parents and teachers to understand and enforce safe, responsible use of technology among kids, wherever they connect.

SecureIT will be embarking on program to educate parents who may have some of the following questions

1.What are the biggest security threats to kids?

  1. How do I talk with my child about security?
  2. How do we protect our family’s computers?
  3. How do we protect our mobile devices?
  4. Why do we always hear “Never share your passwords”?

Whilst the list of questions is not exhaustive, the questions are similar in nature.  The target is simple, protect our children.  But teaching safety is only half the story. The goal of our Internet Safety for Kids and Families initiative is to build a generation of responsible digital citizens whose online behaviours demonstrate media literacy, safety and security, ethics and community.

The purpose of sponsorship was not only to support a great local club with links to the Football Association, but also to raise awareness.  While the parents were ready to enjoy a great milestone in the clubs history, we wanted to give something back to parents who volunteer their time for the nations number 1 sport.

Supported by Trend their “Kids internet security” program will allow SecureIT to run many sessions to groups of parents to raise awareness of how to simply protect our children from the many device-based threats out there.  We want to help parents to help their children remember that cybersafety should always be a priority, and check out our advice and tips for promoting kids’ Internet security. Whilst creating a forum for ideas to help children stay safe and healthy while growing up in the Digital Age.

Overall the evening was a success in that several parents were incredibly keen to understand and attend the forthcoming session at Timperly FC.

Congratulations to all on a successful evening at Timperly FC and thank you for the window to speak to parents.  We look forward to empowering parents in our sessions over the coming months.